As a self-taught photographer with a degree in graphic design (school can’t teach you everything), I tell love stories through warm and natural images. I have been doing photography for about six years and every day I feel lucky that I get to do what I do.

In college, when I started photography, I had a craving to learn more and push my personal work further. In my artwork, I began to symbolize my feelings through the pictures I took and the places I travelled. During my solo ventures, I learned more than any class could ever teach; I found myself obsessed with learning and getting better every day.

After graduating college, I began to work a part-time job rather than perusing a full-time corporate job. This decision allowed me to take time to travel and create at my own will. During this time, I started one of my biggest projects yet: “The Places I Go”. This project grew into something I never thought I could create. Over a year had passed as I dedicated my life to creating my first short film. Little did I know, this enterprise would soon be the reason I booked my first wedding video.

In the summer of 2016, I started a retouching job at South Moon Under, a growing retail chain. By the fall, I was promoted to a photographer, then shortly thereafter, a videographer. Initially, I found I enjoyed working in fashion and embraced learning more every day. During this time, I dedicated myself entirely to my job (admittedly, I’m a workaholic) and began to see my personal work fade.

While working at South Moon Under, I still continued to second shoot weddings, however my dedication to my day job denied me the time to take additional freelance jobs and pursue my true passion. As something I loved doing, I found myself wanting to take on more and more weddings each year. After a hard debate, I realized what was most important in my life: my personal growth and my happiness.

With each wedding I photographed, I became more infatuated with capturing an individual’s story through the camera lens. It amplified my love of meeting new people and getting to know their little details, their quarks, and what makes them glow.

As a non-invasive photographer, I look for organic and intimate moments that capture who you are, period. I want you to be as thrilled with your pictures or video as I am to capture them. Every individual has a story to tell, how will I tell yours?